The Fairy Kingdom is in trouble. As the world grows more crowded it is becoming harder and harder for fairies to find the location of elements they need to flourish.

Play the role of the Fairy Queen that’s responsible for Avalon’s garden. Manage the fairy realm in order to transform Avalon form a desolated island to an enchanted garden. Determine what’s best for your domain and resolve tasks that will lead you to complete your mission.

Go beyond traditional real-time strategy games and dive into a world of fantasy and magic. Manage resources, magical abilities and create new fairies to repair Avalon even while offline.


  • Days and Days of Game Play!
  • Multiple Mini-Games
  • Four Fantasy Worlds to Transform
  • Engaging Storyline and Enchanting Graphics
  • Customized Fairies and Personalities
  • Strategic Decision Trees to Personalize Gameplay